Optimize your personnel cost calculation

Social Overhead Calculator

Discover costdata's social overhead cost calculator and benefit from a precise, flexible and dynamic calculation of personnel costs - worldwide and always up-to-date.
Easy customization & simulation

Adjust and override any value in the Social Overhead Calculator as needed. Effortlessly simulate scenarios when wages, salaries, or benefits change to make informed decisions.

Global reach

Use the comprehensive data of the Social Overhead Cost Calculator for 130 countries and over 4,100 regions. Simulate and calculate personnel costs worldwide and gain valuable insights into international markets.

Specific social security benefits

Access the statutory social security benefits of all manufacturing countries worldwide. Simulate labor costs in different countries and compare social overhead costs from suppliers or other companies.

Transparency & Accuracy

The Social Overhead Cost Calculator offers a precise and transparent mapping of your personnel costs, including statutory and voluntary social benefits. Optimize your cost analysis and increase your profit expectations.

Screenshot of the Social Overhead Cost Calculator module from the costdata Calculation software.