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With costdata® market data you can find prices for every industry for all production locations in the world. With our benchmark data, you know immediately where you stand compared to the competition.
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14 data segments

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Agricultural products
Building materials
Room costs
Raw materials
Social data
Location factors
Screenshot from the costdata market data of the category wage and salary.
Global compensation data

Wage & Salary

Ensure your business decisions are based on the latest global compensation information. Our comprehensive wage and salary database covers more than 4,100 country regions and over 20 industries, including gross wages, gross salaries, and social overhead.
Current data from over 130 countries
Complete social cost database
For Cost Engineering, Controlling, Purchasing, Development and HR
Coverage of tariff areas, border areas and industrial parks
Success through versatile data sources

Material database

The extensive costdata® materials database offers you numerous data sets on raw materials, metals, plastics and building materials. With current market prices, historical data and trend forecasts, you can make informed decisions and sustainably increase your success.
Raw materials
Discover over 700 records in our costdata® commodity database, including prices for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, rare earths and precious metals.
Benefit from over 32,000 metal alloys in the costdata® metal database. Access current market prices, historical data and trend forecasts in twelve economic areas, which can be exported as an Excel report.
Get access to over 11,000 records in the costdata® plastics database, including common plastics and specific trademarks. Use historical data and trend forecasts available as Excel reports.
Building materials
Explore over 1,400 records in the costdata® building materials database, covering a wide range of building materials including chemicals, wood, glass, and production materials such as resins and adhesives.
Screenshot from the costdata market data of the category material database.
Screenshot from the costdata market data of the machinery category.
Optimize your manufacturing

Machine data

Over 12,000 manufacturing machines for almost all manufacturing technologies, such as forging, welding, casting, etc. are waiting for you. Use info, pricing and simulations to make the best choice. Decide wisely based on energy requirements, floor space, number of employees and more.
Over 12,000 machines and 150 technologies
International manufacturers, models and equipment
Technical data, economic factors and simulations
Global benchmark analysis


Unleash the full potential of costdata® overhead benchmarks and gain valuable insights from over 30 industries and 4,100 regions worldwide. Our real data is based on 25 years of experience in international consulting projects and enables precise cost analyses.
Real data from 25 years of consulting experience
Over 30 industries and 4,100 regions covered
Accurate overhead and factor analysis
Optimal overhead cost structures for entrepreneurial success
Screenshot from the costdata market data of the category overhead costs.
Screenshot from the costdata market data of the category location factors.
Successful site planning

Location factors

With costdata® location factors, you make informed decisions for the ideal production location. Our data covers the most important structural costs in over 130 industrialized countries worldwide, enabling targeted location analysis.
Detailed energy and consumables costs
Extensive production space costs
Revealing interest costs
Comprehensive production area costs
Continuous progress

Other databases and extensions

For over 25 years, we have been improving and expanding our databases and services for your success.


Discover the costdata® currency database with important currency rates and historical trends for informed business decisions.


The costdata® packaging database offers more than 6,000 data sets of various packaging materials for up-to-date price information in your calculations.
Soon available

Freight and customs cost calculator

The costdata® freight and customs cost calculator in combination with our packaging database enables a comprehensive presentation of special direct costs for optimized calculations.
Soon available

Standard component database

The costdata® standard component database, specialized in E&E area, offers you an extensive selection of electronic components and other standard parts.

costdata® data guarantee

Accurate data are the basis for precise calculation results. This expectation is our daily drive and at the same time a constant obligation. Should significant deviations occur, our costdata® guarantee will apply.
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Frequently asked questions

How often is the data updated?
Our data is updated at least every three months. For market data on materials, the update is even monthly.
What happens if I discover incorrect data?
Our daily motivation and commitment is to ensure the highest quality and reliability. However, if you find demonstrably significant deviations in the data, our costdata® guarantee comes into play to ensure that you always receive reliable information
Do I need administrator rights for the installation?
No, administrator rights are not required. The installation can be done directly and takes less than 5 minutes.
What languages does the software support?

The software is offered in the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian