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Market analyses for smart decisions

Use our expertise to obtain individual market analyses for products and services. We support you with transparent research, analyses of price developments and precise recommendations for action in order to be successful in price negotiations.
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Market analysis for purchasing

Price Claim Defense

Our team of consultants helps you to check the justification of price increase demands from producers and suppliers. We prepare a comprehensive market analysis for your products so that you can make informed decisions.

Raw material price analysis

We analyze current commodity prices and trends to verify price increases claimed by suppliers. Our experts look at historical data, market developments and external factors to determine the real price increase for raw materials and enable you to make informed decisions during negotiations.

Determination of the raw material content in the product

Our team determines the raw material content in the product to understand the impact of raw material price changes on total cost. Through detailed product costing, we determine the share of all factors, including manufacturing, overhead and profit. This allows us to estimate which price changes are justified.

Formulation of a recommendation for action

Based on our analyses, we create an individual recommendation for action for your situation. Our suggestions vary depending on the objective - enforce or fend off a price increase. We provide arguments and supporting materials for successful negotiations and prepare you for supplier discussions in order to achieve prices in line with the market and make informed decisions.
Market analysis for sales

Price increase enforcement

We support you in successfully implementing necessary price increases. Our market-driven average price defines the scope for negotiation and helps you to communicate price adjustments to your customers in a transparent and comprehensible way.

Even if you have refrained from price increases so far, we support you in successfully implementing your price adjustments. Our approach is based on a sound analysis that provides you with a clear assessment and recommendation for action.
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Quality and reliability for top companies
25 years of cross-industry knowledge

Success through expertise

For over 25 years, we have been continuously updating and expanding our market data to provide you with the best possible analysis and recommendations.

Global project experience

Our experience includes numerous international and national projects that enable us to apply cross-industry knowledge and expertise in various markets.


We have a large pool of already realized calculations from various industries, which enables us to create precise and individual analyses for your specific requirements.

Manufacturing expertise

Our team is comprised of engineers with extensive manufacturing knowledge in a variety of industries, providing valuable insight and recommendations for your market strategy.

Expert network

Thanks to our large network of specialized manufacturing experts, you benefit from a comprehensive knowledge pool that helps you develop efficient and competitive solutions.
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"In the market analysis, we evaluate the justification of a called price increase based on numbers, data, facts. We create the basis for a transparent, collaborative and fair dispute so that both parties maintain or get a competitive position."
Frank Weinert
Managing Director
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Quick start to market analysis

Frequently asked questions

What do you need for a market analysis?

Step 1:
Sign a mutual NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to ensure confidentiality of information.

Step 2 :

Sharing relevant information, including:

  • Type of product or assortment
  • Old and new price
  • Date of the price change
  • Price argumentation of the supplier or manufacturer (if available)
  • Written communication on the topic (if available)
  • Information on the cost structure (if desired)
Who are your customers for market analysis?
We serve all industries, including manufacturing, services and trade. We analyze products made of various materials and perform market analysis for services, such as wages from assemblers to sales managers.
For which companies is the market analysis particularly interesting?

The market analysis is particularly useful for:

  • Smaller companies without their own cost engineering department
  • Companies that rarely calculate costs and do not require licenses for data and software
  • Companies that want to compare their own analyses with our benchmark data
  • Companies with limited personnel resources for market analyses
  • Companies that require expertise in specific manufacturing techniques