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Secure the transparency your company needs for optimal product and service pricing and benefit from our expertise, software and comprehensive data.
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For over 25 years, costdata® has helped companies find the best prices for products and services. To do this, we use a powerful costing tool, up-to-date data and expertise in manufacturing processes and services.

Our method uses technical drawings, bills of materials and product templates. We use these to calculate costs, set target prices and develop cost reduction strategies. We analyze the main cost drivers and implement sustainable savings measures.
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Why is costdata® so precise?

Our customers are always amazed at the precision of our product costing. The secret lies in the combination of extensive market data, sophisticated costing software and expert advice - all from a single source!
costdata® market data
We have been continuously collecting comprehensive market data since 1997. Our data provides benchmarks for wages, job costs, machinery, material prices, location factors and overhead structures. We update all data at least quarterly and use both primary data and metadata from various manufacturing industries to provide the best information to our clients.
costdata® calculation
Our precise, fast and reliable calculation modules offer maximum flexibility for individual customer requirements. They work seamlessly with costdata® market data to provide customized cost estimation - quickly and accurately.
costdata® Consultants
Our metal, plastics and electronics experts use their experience and the quality of our database to determine precise cost estimates. They analyze every detail and review production processes and costs - for accurate calculations down to the cent.
Patrick Diehm Costdata GmbH
"As a cost engineer, I get the opportunity to learn about exciting products and technologies from diverse industries. With our expertise, we help customers find the optimal prices for their products and thus contribute to increasing their competitiveness and business success."
Patrick Diehm
Cost Engineer
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Quick start to product costing

Frequently asked questions

What do you need for a product cost calculation?

Step 1:
Sign a mutual NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to ensure confidentiality of information.

Step 2:

Provision of detailed information

  • 3D or 2D data (if not available, access to the physical component).
  • Material and weight specifications, unless evident from component or documents.
  • Country of manufacture and exact region.
  • Estimates of manufacturer sales at the production site.
  • Annual total number of units and product life, possibly also average batch size or call-off quantity.
  • Should packaging, transport and customs costs be taken into account? Is there information on the packaging design and the transport process?
Who uses our product costing?
We work across industries, both manufacturing and services. We calculate metal, plastic, glass, wood, ceramics, electronic components as well as services from window cleaning to hairdressing.
For which companies is product cost analysis particularly interesting?
  • Companies without their own cost engineering department, e.g. smaller companies or those that rarely charge costs. In these cases, licenses for data and software are unsuitable.
  • Companies that want to compare their own calculation with an external one, or that use an alternative solution internally.
  • Companies whose resources in the area of product costing have already been exhausted.
  • Companies that do not have expertise in evaluating machines and manufacturing processes.

When is the ideal time for product costing?

Costs are incurred throughout the entire product life cycle. In product development, the cost influence is greatest, as no production costs are incurred yet. Even if parts production is already underway, product costing creates transparency and clarity with regard to the cost structure. Cost drivers and savings potential are identified, which is used, for example, to evaluate and review quotation prices.