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Cost engineers make informed decisions about the budget and schedule of your projects. For example, they identify high purchase prices and avoid poorly developed products in terms of cost. Due to the high efficiency of cost engineering, companies in almost all industries are desperately looking for cost engineers - but competent personnel is scarce.
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360° Cost Engineer

In cooperation with the renowned Cost Engineering Academy, costdata® presents a unique global training for cost engineers. In four hands-on modules, Stefan Weinert and Steffen Goebel teach you how to stay one step ahead by using data, facts and innovative systems to analyze and implement existing optimization potential.

Module 1: Basic Cost Engineer

In this entry-level module, you lay the foundation for a uniform and company-wide understanding of cost engineering. It forms the foundation and is ideal for use in development, purchasing, project management, controlling and sales.

Module 2: Advanced Cost Engineer

The advanced cost engineer plans and carries out cost engineering projects independently. In projects, he sets target costs and achieves them using methods such as design-to-cost.

In cost workshops with customers, suppliers and his own organization, he develops optimization potentials. He is able to negotiate potentials independently and to support the responsible departments in negotiations.

Module 3: Cost Engineering Professional

The cost engineering expert is qualified to successfully implement cost engineering in his own company as well as to build, lead and train cost engineering teams.

With the help of key figures and innovation management, cost savings can be strategically planned and implemented. In cooperation with the development department and purchasing, he sets decisive impulses for future cost-optimized products.

Module 4: Production engineering

This module teaches you the basics of calculating relevant manufacturing processes for your work. This will enable you to determine the machining time of the process and the appropriate machining machine, among other things.
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Duration: 1 day


The seminar participant learns systematic steps for cost control during the development phase in order to achieve defined target costs.
Duration: 1 day

Cost and performance accounting

The seminar participant acquires basic knowledge of cost and activity accounting for product cost calculations.
Duration: 1 day

Supplier workshops

The seminar participant learns to identify and implement cost transparency and cost potentials through interdisciplinary supplier workshops.
Duration: 1 day

Target Costing

In this seminar, participants will learn to derive allowable product costs from market prices, including how to develop and achieve target costs.
Duration: 1 day

VA/VE - Value Analysis/Value Engineering

The seminar participant will gain insight into the value analysis according to DIN EN 12973:2002-02.
Duration: 1 day

Calculation & Negotiation

The seminar participant learns to derive negotiation potentials from product cost calculations and to apply suitable negotiation strategies in role plays.
Master cost efficiency

Four pillars of successful training

Our recipe for success combines scientific approaches with tried-and-tested methods. Over 25 years of consulting experience in diverse industries enable us to convey the most innovative methods for identifying savings potential.

International cost engineering strategy

Our unique training program guides you quickly and confidently to increased cost transparency. Reduce purchase prices, achieve target prices and maximize customer value.

Knowhow and best practice approaches

We share our 20 years of cost engineering knowledge to help you realize potential through proven approaches. The greatest competitive advantage lies in successful implementation.

Effective tools for optimal results

The combination of strategy, know-how and the right tools enables better results in less time. Start directly with your first cost engineering project in the course.

Relevant data for accurate results

Learn what data is important, where to find it, and how to make the most of it. Achieve precise results through strategy, know-how, effective tools and up-to-date, accurate data.