Simplified calculation through import functions

2D and 3D import

Streamline your workflow with 2D and 3D imports. Automatically generate material and process cost data from CAD drawings and 2D files to save time and resources and enable accurate costing.
3D Import + Viewer

Save time and effort by importing CAD files directly into our calculation software. In cooperation with our partner shouldcosting GmbH, the 3D import module allows you to quickly and accurately capture material, dimensions and manufacturing parameters from your CAD drawings.

The integrated viewer additionally offers the possibility to visually display the products in the software. Compatible with all common CAD file formats, such as .step or .catia, this module is perfectly suited for manufacturing processes in metal and plastics processing and can be seamlessly connected with the 2D module.

2D Import + Viewer

Optimize your calculations by importing PDFs or TIFFs directly into our calculation software. The 2D import module, developed in cooperation with shouldcosting GmbH, allows you to extract valuable information from your 2D drawings within seconds.

Technical parameters, manufacturing specifics such as welds and coatings are automatically recognized and transferred into product-specific data sets for material and process costs. An integrated viewer also enables the visual representation of products in the software. The 2D module can be easily linked to the 3D module to provide a comprehensive costing solution.