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Workshops for "Software and Integrated Circuit"

Our world is becoming increasingly digitalized. In many applications most of the functionalities are implemented as software or firmware. For instance, in a modern vehicle the engine management and all assistance systems are based on programming logic devices and a control software. The trend also shows that the complexity of software and integrated circuits (ICs) have been increasing strongly over the last decades. Hence, the required investment in software development is becoming a relevant cost factor in product development. ICs are becoming more and more widely used on complex electronic circuits . Thus, ICs are the main cost driver of an electronic hardware.
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The objectives of the workshop “Calculation Integrated Circuit” are to provide the participants a fundamental understand in the production of wafers and ICs and how the ICs are integrated in a housing package. This workshop empowers the participants to perform a bottom-up calculation for IC based on the manufacturing steps. In addition, the workshop “Software and Firmware calculation” shows different methods to calculate the effort and cost of software development.
Workshop in cooperation with ETIT SYSTEMS
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Workshop "Calculation Integrated Circuit"

Duration 2 days
Price on request
Price per year plus VAT.
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Possible module content Day 1
Overview of semiconductor materials
Wafer Manufacturing (focus on silicon)
IC manufacturing processes
CMOS technology and chip design
Structure size of IC and its application
Packaging technologies for ICs

Possible module content Day 2
Cost breakdown and bottom-up calculation
→ Creation & definition of a calculation format
→ Selection of the machine in relation to the specifications of the components
→ Derivation and calculation of the cycle time, determination of the operator costs, setup times & scrap rates
Relationship between costs and IC structure
IC calculation exercise

Workshop "Calculation Firmware & Software"

Duration 1 day
Price on request
Price per year plus VAT.
Individual request
Possible module content
What are firmware and software?
On which electronic devices can software be implemented? (microcontroller, FPGA, CPLD, DSP)
Software testing
IP Protection (software read out, protection fuses)
Communication systems and protocols in automotive applications (or other applications, e.g. household, smart home, energy, industry)
How are firmware and software developed?
Cost estimation of software development (country, on which devices, etc.)
→ Comparison of different methods of cost estimation
How is firmware flashed onto the target devices?
Cost estimation of software programming during the PCBA process

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