Fast & accurate cost estimates

costdata® estimation

Revolutionize your budget planning and bid estimation with costdata® estimation - accurate and fast cost estimates for an optimized business strategy.
Versatile application possibilities

With costdata® estimation you effectively support finance and accounting, purchasing, development and cost engineering by checking and optimizing target costing, design to cost, quotation costing and supplier pricing.

Competitive advantages at a glance

Use the top-down approach, cost technologies templates, and seamless integration of the 3D module to create fast and accurate cost estimates for a wide range of technologies.

Easy handling, impressive results

With costdata® estimation you can effortlessly determine the material share, select manufacturing technologies and calculate all cost factors automatically. You don't need to enter the manufacturing processes, they are automatically created in the background when you select the material and the manufacturing technology. Your product price is ready in seconds.

Data-based accuracy for your decisions

Thanks to our comprehensive, 25-year database of product cost estimates from a wide range of industries and regions, you benefit from realistic and accurate cost estimates for informed business decisions.

Screenshot of the estimation module from the costdata Calculation software.