Efficient cost analysis

Product comparison

Optimize your profit expectations with our product comparison module, which provides detailed cost break downs (CBD) for an unlimited number of products. Compare different cost structures and make informed decisions.
Unlimited product comparisons

Effortlessly compare an unlimited number of products with our product comparison module. Analyze all differences in percentage and monetary value to make informed decisions.

Versatile applications

Use our module for make-or-buy analyses, cost reduction analyses, process optimization and strategic business analyses in management, purchasing, development and finance and accounting.

User friendly functions

Easily drag and drop products to compare and analyze different versions of the same product. Easily export your results to Excel for even easier analysis.

Precise simulation based on real data

Thanks to the costdata overhead cost database, which covers corporate overhead cost structures from different manufacturing technologies, country regions and company sizes, you can simulate and compare product costs accurately and effectively.

Screenshot of the module product comparison from the software costdata Calculation