Maximum efficiency in production planning

Cycle time calculator

Increase efficiency and reduce costs with the Cycle Time Calculator, a powerful process optimization and machine selection module for over 60 manufacturing technologies.
For optimal production planning and work preparation

The cycle time calculator supports you by calculating the cycle time from the technical data of the product and selecting the best machine for the manufacturing process. It provides support for classic metalworking processes such as turning, milling, drilling and die casting, etc., as well as for plastics processing technologies such as injection molding, etc.

Perfect for cost engineering

Our cycle time calculator is ideal for cost engineering as it facilitates cost control for new and purchased products. It calculates the most favorable manufacturing process for purchase cost analysis and enables the selection of the best suppliers. In addition, it supports electronics-oriented technologies such as the assembly of printed circuit boards.

Transparent cost comparison of different manufacturing technologies

Compare the costs of different manufacturing technologies quickly and easily with the cycle time calculator. It provides you with the most favorable technology at the click of a button, drawing on the extensive costdata machine database with over 12,000 machines from all over the world. This covers a wide range of technologies, including metal, plastic and electronic processes.

Screenshot of the Cycle Time Calculator module from the costdata Calculation software.